These Are The Best Chinese Restaurants In Falls Church Virginia

Do you love Chinese food as much as I do? It certainly is delicious, and you are about to discover the best Chinese restaurants in Falls Church. In one of the other restaurant articles, I featured Peking Gourmet Inn. I’ll drop that name as your #1 option, and then I’m going to give you several more choices. If you’re craving Chinese food, you definitely want to know all of your options in Falls Church VA.
Mark’s Duck House is up first, and you will find it over on Arlington Boulevard. Enjoy roasted meats, dumplings, duck and more at this popular establishment that serves up Chinese cuisine. People say the duck is the best in town. You might want to find out.
Hong Kong Palace Restaurant is on Seven Corners Street, and it is known for its kung pao chicken, mapo dofu, Szechuan cuisine menu items and more. It’s certainly one of the favorites in Falls Church, but there are more dining out experiences to be had as well. Let’s continue your search for finding the best authentic Chinese food in the city.
You can add Full Kee Restaurant to the list, and its location is 5830 Columbia Pike. This restaurant is also known for its roasted duck. You can also enjoy delicious Chinese greens, lobster and more. Full Kee Restaurant is definitely a great place to check out when you are in Falls Church trying to order up the most delicious Chinese food.
What is your favorite Chinese food dish? I would have to say mine is sesame chicken, but I like many other dishes as well. Sesame chicken would probably be my favorite though. Yet I have been a vegetarian for almost a year, and so vegetable fried rice and spring rolls is my current favorite.
I do eat seafood from time to time, so coconut shrimp or shrimp fried rice is delish. As for another pick when it comes to the best Chinese restaurants in Church Falls VA, you might want to check out Uncle Liu’s Hot Pot. Located at 2974 Gallows Boulevard, Uncle Liu’s Hot Pot features a buffet.
A buffet gives you plenty of options when it comes to the foods you get to eat at a Chinese restaurant. You aren’t going to have a shortage of choices in terms of the number of restaurants you have to choose from either. You know all the best Chinese restaurants in the city of Falls Church VA.